Beautiful Imagination
Become Reality!

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Beautiful Imagination
Become Reality!

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We are Shinta VR

Our Vision

To make everyone's beautiful imagination became reality!

The first VR company in Indonesia that brings the power of Indonesian and Japanese VR developers to deliver our beauty vision to the world.

Our Specialty

Entertainment & Games

Video 360

Education Book

Corporate Activation Exibition

Community Development

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Key Members


Chief Executive Officer - Co-founder

After graduating from Waseda University with a degree in Computer Science, Akira worked as a systems engineer team leader at NTT Data. Interested in VR, he organized many VR events in Japan. After retiring from NTT DATA, he met Andes in Jakarta through Facebook. He firmly believes the future of VR and founded Shinta VR in Jakarta.


Chief Operating Officer - Co-Founder

Andes graduated from University of Indonesia with a degree in Physics (Condensed matter and material physics). He started to dive in VR technology because it combines fine art and basic technology which is familiar for him. Andes started to build a VR team and make some VR content projects for corporation since 2015. He met Akira who has the same vision for VR, and founded Shinta VR together.


Chief Technology Officer

Andrew studied Virtual Reality at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. His VR research is about natural interaction method, where he strives to make interaction in VR more natural by combining human modalities. His vision is to make VR as a channel to improve the learning experience as it is more fun and engaging. After finishing his study, He met Andes in Jakarta and they discussed about the future of VR. Motivated and inspired by the discussion, Andrew takes action to realize his vision with Shinta VR.


Chief Marketing Officer

Helen graduated from Binus University majoring in Marketing Communication and specializing in Public Relations. Her journey in marketing communication for a gaming hardware company and techno editor led her to the virtual reality community in Indonesia. She believes virtual reality is a solution for communication in the future. Convinced with the future of virtual reality, she joined Shinta VR.

What is VR

Whatever you imagine, beautiful imagination becomes reality through VR. You will feel like you're really there.

Virtual Reality is the technology that creates total immersivity of virtual or digital image and interaction of its environment.

VR is based on,

Immersive Digital Image & Interaction of Digital Environment with Human Body

Component of VR



  • HMD(HMD)
  • User Input


  • Content Studio
  • Reality Capture
  • Content Distribution Platform


  • Games
  • Architecture
  • Health Care
  • Social Media
  • Education
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Clients & Partners

Games & Product

Brave Catcher

Show your bravery by catching the ball with your face! Unity Chan will throw random objects, catch them with your face to increase your score! There are 2 difficulty levels, choose by looking left or right.

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Limit of Reaction

Challenge your reflection speed!
Look at as many cubes as possible to increase your score.

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