Google Cardboard Camera brings “VR Photo” to Smartphones

Published 11 December 2015, 06:02

A few days ago, Google announced Cardboard Camera for Android users to turn smartphones into a VR camera. The new Google’s free app lets you to take some photos and turn them into immersive content that ready to be experienced with Google Cardboard. Google calls it "VR photos", similar to a 3D panoramic image.

In the smartphone camera, you will be able to capture a panoramic photograph with visibility slightly different in each eye. So the objects that are close will look closer like you could touch it. The objects that are far will look far, like 3D effects.

“Cardboard Camera does for VR content what the original Cardboard did for VR viewing, it’s easy and it’s for everyone.” Said Mike Podwal, product manager of Google for Cardboard.

You can explore your photos in all directions and add a sound recording to the image. Of course this application will make your precious moment become more alive, although it still can’t be considered as a full VR experience. The Cardboard Camera app is available in Google Play store in 17 languages now. But an iOS app should be on its way soon.

Google Cardboard is one of the success innovator as a beginner that brings affordable VR device. Certainly, Google do not want to lose to its competitors that provide other mobile VR devices, such as Gear VR by Samsung and Oculus. After partnering with GoPro to make Jump in June, Google search the new material for this device offering runs from Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. Competition in mobile VR seems to be increasingly fierce, remember how Facebook declare their plan will also prey on this market.


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