What is the future of Vtubers in Indonesia?

Published 14 October 2018, 11:25

Shinta VR Director Akira Sou participated in Virtual Youtber symposium together with Mr. Takeshi Osaka upd 8 · Activ 8, and Mr. Adachi of Dentsu.

Akira Sou was excited about the future of Vtuber market in Indonesia, and talked about some immediate future plans: 


“Indonesia has a very strong song culture, people love singing and listening to songs, and there are many live performances at cafes and bars. Hence, I would like to work mainly on Indonesian songs, to deliver Indonesian culture to the world through Maya Putri. 

Currently most of our viewers are Indonesians, hence I hope to start activitiers that support Indonesians.”


Q. Is there anything that Maya wants to take out other than songs in the future Maya's activities?


“2018 is the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia, so there are many big events to promote Indonesia as a tourist destination.


Because it is a a country full of islands, there is a lot of potential to tell the charm of each island and put information that even Indonesian people do not know.”


Maya Putri's videos can be found here.

Original article in Japanese can be found here.

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