The Battle for the VR Engine is Heating Up, a Good News for VR Industry

Competition for the VR Engine is heating up. The indication is coming from Epic Games announced a Virtual Reality (VR) Editor for Unreal Engine 4 middleware in the early February. VR Editor is designed to allow developers to create contents with full control that supports head-mounted displays (HMD). Although the announcement spelled out is not so surprising, but it looks like Epic Games a step further to compete with his old opponent in the game engine, Unity Technologies.

A week after that, Unity through 2016 Vision Summit announced Unity VR Scene Editor which allows developers to edit content from within a HMD. They state the technology is still in its early stages of development and hope the platform will be customizable like Unity in 2D.

The announcement of this plan should be presented at the 2016 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March. Who started this fight is still a question. Epic Games could know about the competitor’s plan and swiftly announced in beforehand. In other possibility, Unity is forced to immediately announce their VR Engine technology, so they won’t miss too much from their competitor.

From the other side, both of them tried to use the leading makers of HMD. Valve had offered the developers who pre order Oculus Rift will get free access to Unity Pro for four months. Prominent figures in the VR industry, such as Palmer Luckey, Shuhei Yoshida and Chet Faliszek also had expressed one part of the VR industry competition will come from the middleware.

So far, the fierce competition has only seen on the side of the initial announcement. Currently, Unity has dominated the market for Gear VR with 90% contents is developed using Unity Engine. Meanwhile, Epic Games continues to dazzle with demonstrations of the new technology that was built in Unreal Engine 4.

Positively, everything would be very beneficial for the VR developers. As the result, VR contents will be better and in the end the VR industry would be more promising. How the next development of two similar concepts in order to win the VR Engine competition? Stay tuned at Shinta VR...


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The Battle for the VR Engine is Heating Up, a Good News for VR Industry

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