Review: Ricoh THETA S – Now everyone can have 360 videos

360 Video becomes more real when some new cameras release with super advanced photography technology. For example, Odyssey from GoPro for taking VR and 360 video. However, the price causes heartbreak. You must spend $15,000 to buy it. Let’s not remain sad for long, because a fresh breeze is coming at the end of 2015.


This time, Shinta VR brings you good news. A small box can help you to record 360 video with Full HD quality. It come from Ricoh’s new series 360 camera that launched last month, THETA S. Gladly, we have it in our hands now. Just let you know, it takes more than 2 weeks for order THETA S. With a reasonable price, it’s very popular and wanted item in Japan. How about the camera performance?
Check our review Ricoh THETA S below.


At the first time, THETA S look like a black tube with a lens, it’s more look like a portable speaker. THETA S is covered in matte black. Maybe Ricoh design it to prevent light reflection on the case when you use it. The camera measuring 44 x 130 x 23 mm and very comfortable in the hand. Thanks to its weight (125g), although the minimum distance to take photo and video is 10cm.

One thing that you must take seriously, the lens is uncovered. So, we suggest you to cover it if you don’t want the most important part will be scared one day. Over all, its design is simple but elegant, with some buttons and blue LED indicator.                                                                         


Don’t judge book by the cover. Beside the simple form, THETA S is capable to record 360 video with Full HD Quality, 1080p. Theta S come with a bigger sensor and faster lens than previous series that was launched by Ricoh in 2013. Maximum resolution is 5,376 x 2,688 with 14 million pixel. The memory is 8GB. That means you can take a video for 25 minutes continuously and take more than 1,500 photos.

For video shooting, the minimum duration of video is 8 seconds, even though we need a shorten one to take some fun moments. For temperature, it’s still okay even though it’s a bit heat when we use it for a long time. We do not recommend to use it in summer.

 Like the action camera review, it isn’t complete if we aren’t talk about the application. When we use THETA Application, we think it’s really user-friendly app. You can edit and manage photo or video easily by using the smartphone app. When it’s connecting with Wi-Fi, you can set shutter speed and ISO sensitivity in real time. Also, you just need a snap for photos and videos transfer from THETA S to smartphone. Then, you can upload 360 video 360 to social media easily. Hope it would have a USB port, so we’re not just can connect it by Wi-Fi.

Now, let’s check the THETA S 360 video below that taken by SHINTA VR team in Japan:


THETA S from Ricoh offers a good performance with a reasonable price. THETA S make it possible to take 360 video with a lower cost. THETA S present with friendly interface and easy to use. If you are interested with 360 video, we recommend THETA S to be your choice.

That’s all for THETA S review by Shinta VR. See you in our next review and stay tuned in our YouTube channel for more upcoming fantastic 360 videos.

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Review: Ricoh THETA S – Now everyone can have 360 videos

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