Making Impact with Immersive Technology

We make it possible for people to experience life in new ways and for them to learn about themselves & others in ways that were never possible before.

Our global footprint and expertise in the immersive technology industry inspire us to aim for bigger impacts. We are dedicated to delivering both virtual and real-world utilities on our metaverse project.


We never compromise with the quality of innovation. We continuously create, build, and evolve to be the best in transforming imagination into reality. Whatever things we do is always driven by our love and passion to deliver impact for the greater good.

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We immerse ourselves in the mission to create products that revolutionize our daily life and make everything easier. We make something that is seemingly impossible become inevitably possible.


Virtual meeting system that can connect people around the world with realistic 3D view, maintain real-time communication, and collaborate in various spaces.


Millealab is an All-in-one VR Platform for education where you can create 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) based content anywhere and anytime without coding. We make it quick, easy, and affordabe.

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