SHINTA VR is the first VR start up in Indonesia. Established in 2016, SHINTA VR started as B2B service company that develops customized VR content and software.

Until now, SHINTA VR is the most active and innovative company related to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology in Indonesia.

We combine Indonesian artistic touch and Japan latest technology to deliver your beauty immersive needs.

Our Cultures

  • Love and Passion
  • Innovation
  • Imagination

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Akira Sou

President Director

After graduating from Waseda University with a degree in Computer Science, Akira worked as a systems engineer team leader at NTT Data. Interested in VR, he organized many VR events in Japan. After retiring from NTT DATA, he met Andes in Jakarta through Facebook. He firmly believes the future of VR and founded Shinta VR in Jakarta.

Andes Rizky

Managing Director

Andes graduated from University of Indonesia with a degree in Physics (Condensed matter and material physics). He started to dive in VR technology because it combines fine art and basic technology which is familiar for him. Andes started to build a VR team and make some VR content projects for corporation since 2015. He met Akira who has the same vision for VR, and founded Shinta VR together.

Andrew Steven Puika

Technical Director

Andrew studied Virtual Reality at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. His VR research is about natural interaction method, where he strives to make interaction in VR more natural by combining human modalities. His vision is to make VR as a channel to improve the learning experience as it is more fun and engaging. After finishing his study, He met Andes in Jakarta and they discussed about the future of VR. Motivated and inspired by the discussion, Andrew takes action to realize his vision with Shinta VR.

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