Post: AR for Fun Learning

AR for Fun Learning

AR was applied to smartphone in 2004. Development continued in 2014. In that year, wearable AR technology (Wearable AR) made headlines in various media, all because of Google Glass, an AR eyewear product made by Google.

AR has penetrated many fields today such as business and learning. SHINTA VR, a company that developed in the field of VR, AR, and MR. One of them is a showcase Shinta VR, AR Animal. In this showcase, the smartphone scans the pre-selected card. Then later there will be seen a 3D shape of the drawing card.

From Augmented Reality, it has proven to be an effective tool for educating and entertaining young people of all ages and grade levels, from toddlers to graduate students. Properly implemented, AR can turn what might become a boring thing in school into an adventure. Educational opportunities for AR applications that are almost unlimited for children can also benefit the ailing publishing industry. Potential new sources of revenue for publishers include marketing AR books to educational institutions, charging users to download applications, assessing subscription fees, and generating revenue from advertising and promotions in the application.

SHITA VR is ready to help businesses and if you need AR in education and entertainment for all ages. Make a consultation with our marketing and make your plan come true!