Post: Behind the MilleaLab: Becoming an Impactful Person

Behind the MilleaLab: Becoming an Impactful Person

In this digital era, many emerging technologies facilitate daily human routine activities, one of which is the smartphone. Everything is ready in your hand. Everything is affordable all at once in one touch. We can see people use smartphones more than anything in their lives. The attachment of smartphones to their users has become popular as a basic need. This condition occurs due to the impact of the multiple functions of using smartphone greatly facilitate limitless communication between individuals.

Business success stories are always followed by the story about the role of a business leader as a prominent figure. How can a brand be successful if the leader cannot analyze the impact of the product? The product will be limited in representing the brand without solving the problems or providing new business opportunities.

Female Leader in Education

The aspect we want to talk in this article is about the female leaders who are very concerned about education problems in Indonesia. She is Jelita Cahyaningtyas, the Brand Owner of MilleaLab, who has now brought MilleaLab to earn several national and international recognitions. Especially in Indonesia, MilleaLab has collaborated with thousands of schools across the country.

Jelita’s interest in education started from her family background. For example, Jelita’s grandfather had a school and had been a principal at several favorite schools in Jakarta. In addition, Jelita’s father and mother also work as school stakeholders, which makes her feel familiar with the educational environment.

After graduating from high school, Jelita continued her university in Indonesian Language Education major as she once had experienced teaching at a particular school in Jakarta. Jelita said, “As long as I learned, there are many challenges for educators, schools, and even communities to solve the education problems. One of the problems is the inequality of access and educational facilities among schools even though they are in the same area.”

With that concern, Jelita seeks innovative solutions for bringing MilleaLab as an impactful brand for education. According to Jelita, the fundamental thing is the impactful leader must determine the focus of the solution based on the problems she wants to solve. 

“I prefer to read books on subjects make me interested. In addition, I also have a good will to learn about some in-depth knowledge from the experts directly through discussions,” Jelita admitted regarding the steps we need to take after we already know the focus on forming the brand we want to. Again, a successful story starts with ‘the focus’.

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