Post: Brand New Costume MIRA on Mitsubishi IIMS 2023

Brand New Costume MIRA on Mitsubishi IIMS 2023

Mitsubishi, a Japan-based automotive company, has proven its consistency in developing business for over 50 years in Indonesia. The number implies the contributions toward various domestic economic interests. Mitsubishi runs plenty of business activities to increase the quality of Indonesia’s automotive industries. Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2023 is one of the activities held on 16 February 2023 as Mitsubishi XFC Concept’s launch event.

“The next level of life adventure,” said the President Director of Mitsubishi, Naoya Nakamura, in his speech. MIRA, as Mitsubishi Virtual Assistant, opened IIMS 2023. As an assistant figure, MIRA brought the spectacular event as the master of ceremony virtually. MIRA is Mitsubishi’s mascot, an innovation that supports modern technology.

In IIMS 2023, Mitsubishi XFC Concept became the spotlight as the latest product of Mitsubishi. Naoya Nakamura, the President Director of Mitsubishi, and Hikaru Mii, the Director of Product Strategy Division, said that XFC Concept’s innovation is expected to become a ‘game changer’ in the Indonesian automotive industry. However, frankly, the main spotlight of this event was MIRA’s new costume.

Mira and her new custome

As one of the best innovations from Mitsubishi, MIRA is now showing her new costume. The previous costume, which made MIRA looked sporty and had more automotive aspects, is now upgraded. IIMS 2023 is the first stage for the brand new MIRA, wearing a red-black dress with a flower motif. and then, Mira comes up beautifully with the red high-heels.

In other words, the transformation of MIRA’s costume can be considered a business innovation from Mitsubishi to approach their products following society’s technology awareness. Mitsubishi believes MIRA brings its attractiveness as a virtual character in representing the business development of Mitsubishi. With the new costume appearance, MIRA’s characteristics show an elegant impression yet authentic Indonesian culture. 

MIRA is one of SHINTA VR’s products, Virtual Character System (VCS). Relying on immersive technology, SHINTA VR helps to increase customers’ satisfaction in many industries. Practically, VCS focuses on customer needs in the digital art domain, which is creating 3D virtual characters. Besides Mitsubishi (MIRA), SHINTA VR has made several popular virtual YouTubers with their proficient technology. SHINTA VR’s efforts to realize ‘the next level of virtual engagement’ are reached through these innovations. Therefore, SHINTA VR shows that technology creates real business solutions.

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