Shinta VR is part of Oculus ISV program that works with enterprise developers to accelerate customer adoption of VR solutions built for Oculus enterprise products


SHINTA VR is part of Indonesian VR Association (INVRA). It is a community for all VR enthusiast in Indonesia.


TinC and SHINTA VR work together to build up Immersive tech for Telkomsel


We provide customized Virtual Youtuber system and technology for Mahapanca to produce video contents.


INFINA and SHINTA VR have the same vision of struggle to democratize technology. Some of the projects that have been produced are VRIFEST, the pioneer of the VR Festival of MSMEs in Indonesia.

Binus University

We work with BINUS ONLINE LEARNING to provide AR Learning Experience that is embedded to the university curriculum for distance-based learning

Cameo Project

SHINTA VR and Cameo Project created a collaborative project supported by SabangMerauke to transmit the concept of religious tolerance to school-age children through Virtual Reality technology.


Dailysocial is our main media partner for several VR tech initiation activities, such as the launch of the Codename: Mindvoke competition, Millealab 1000 VR pioneer teacher competition, and others

Keda Tech

With KeDA Tech, we implemented AR Wayfinding navigation for warehouse and other interesting software implementations


KOVRA (Korea VR / AR Association) and SHINTA VR as representatives of INVRA (Indonesia VR / AR Association) working together to support events between countries


Cooperate on various technology projects and events. SHINTA VR and Orbit Ventura are collaborating for the VR Telkomsel project and the Habibie Festival

Putera Sampoerna

Together make the VR ambassador program with support by MInistry of Research and Technology and Ministry of Industrial


Supporting the VR ambassador program created in collaboration with the Putra Sampoerna Foundation Foundation


We collaborate with SOZO for AFA 2015 and 2018. We provided the first VR booth in Indonesia in 2015. And we have stage with our original Virtual YouTuber on 2018.


Prof Richardus Eko Indrajit (Ekoji) is an expert in cyber pedagogy for education. We collaborate to make Millealab with more engaging pedagogical approach and to make several breakthrough in research related to VR in higher education.

Rumah Millenials

Rumah Millenial brings together influential millennials in Indonesia. SHINTA VR is incorporated in Millennial Homes and serves as the Head of Indonesia's Immersive Technology Sector


With SEAMOLEC, we implement good education practices in Indonesia and Southeast Asia using VR technology since 2018. It has resulted in several collaborative programs with broad impacts

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