Post: Congrats! We are now a member of Oculus ISV Program

Congrats! We are now a member of Oculus ISV Program

In the moment of pandemic COVID—19, We are continue to work, adapt and innovate as our contribution for our customers and business partners to share ideas easily and accurately. And by that, one of our contribution is The Virtual Meeting System.

Apart from that, we also continue to learn to provide the best VR experience. Recently, we signed up for the Oculus ISV program. This program is held by Oculus who is also a part of Facebook inc. “We are looking for ISVs and developers who design, develop and sell innovative enterprise applications that use Oculus VR headsets to increase productivity, enable collaboration and remote work, and help people train and learn.” –

With the requirements and through the review process, 
SHINTA VR has been accepted as part of the Oculus ISV Program.

As a member of the program, We are more confident in increasing your productivity, building collaboration, and helping people practice and learn. In particular, we are able to work closely with Oculus (Facebook), and other ISVs companies around the world.

With that advantage as well, we can help you better with VR device solutions directly provided by Oculus.
Shortent the gap between virtual communications, Have the real experience in the practice and learning process, and share your ideas as accurately as possible only by one touch.

SHINTA VR it is.

Contact us, now.