Post: Connect like there is no distance – Learning with VR

Connect like there is no distance – Learning with VR

Distance online learning like current situation makes students and teachers having minimum interactions, and Virtual Reality (VR) technology can help you with it! This platform could increase interactions, helps teaching and learning activities to be more interactive, enjoyable, and increasing moving activities during studying.

MilleaLab can help you to realize this plan. MilleaLab is an all-in-one VR platformer that supports you to create VR-based educational content easily, quickly, and cost-saving. This could also increase the uptake of learning materials and the cloud system that MilleaLab implements can help all parties connect quickly and easily.

Jane Ross STEAM Coach in the Visual EdTech Conference ‘DisruptED 2021: (BC) Before Corona to After Disease (AD)’ from Sampoerna University, Friday (5/2/2021), explained that she has often used VR in teaching and learning activities. “Because they want to improve the quality of online learning because they have been studying online for almost a year, and students report that they are not social. With VR, teachers can meet in a virtual room together. Zoom making conversations stiff and VR could help with that” he said.

Jane admits that she often carries out activities to encourage student-teacher interaction.  Students can move their bodies and hands to make interactions so that teaching and learning activities are not monotonous.

“Zoom is most used in high schools, because parents want their children to learn directly even though it is a bit difficult at our place because the time zone is different, the teachers are everywhere.  Some are direct, some are in sync, mostly use zoom.  not using a variety of tools but methods that should be focused on, “he explained.

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