Post: Customize VR Games

Customize VR Games

Developing VR games for certain companies that are becoming interesting. The demand for diverse VR Games is a challenge for the company itself. Shinta VR, an Indonesian VR company that has worked with several companies to make the desired VR game customize. Last year, SHINTA VR and Suryanation worked together to create the annual Suryanation event.

At that time, SHINTA VR developed a customized game in the form of a “Combat VR Game”. In this game, it is divided into 2 players. This game plot asks for 2 players to assemble the motor on the body of the motor that has been provided. The winner of this game is the player who can complete the motorcycle assembly mission quickly and precisely.

Customizing this game is one example of VR Games developed by Shinta VR for companies that want to work together. SHINTA VR is ready to partner with your events and make it even more fun! Consult your plan with us and we will help you make it happen!