Post: Digital Art and Discovering the Metaverse

Digital Art and Discovering the Metaverse

Creating Your Own Brand

We can project the Metaverse industry will play a significant role over the next few years in the lives of the world’s population. This projection follows many factors because, in 2022, many people in Indonesia have furtherly explored the virtual world. The education, human development, and entertainment industry have gradually implemented Metaverse elements in Indonesia. This condition shows that the practice of the virtual world is parallel to, and even supports, conventional activities.

One of the things that we must pay attention to when we want to enter the virtual world is to create an avatar as our identity. In short, an avatar is a created-virtual character who deliberately represents its user in the virtual world. The avatar is necessary for its user to interact with the other avatar and legitimate itself as a virtual world resident. Identity through this avatar constructs our role and contribution to the virtual world order.

Metaverse became part of the human lifestyle

In 2022, most of us had avatars before the Metaverse became part of the human lifestyle. Avatars are not limited to being used for the purposes or requirements of entering the Metaverse. In Indonesia, an avatar is used as a virtual character to increase the business revenue of a company. Using the avatar proves that digital art is a standout capital to fulfill business needs. For example, Mitsubishi Motors has presented Mira as its mascot in a 3D animation.

Mira is an abbreviation of Mitsubishi Virtual Assistant in a 3D animation like a human. Mira can interact with a human. its certainly affects Mitsubishi Motors’ business processes, especially customer satisfaction. Customers don’t need to worry if they need help with vehicle service, products, or insurance claims. Besides, customers can contact Mira anytime and anywhere because Mira stands for 24 hours. In other words, Mira is an example of a case where digital art plays a role in concretely helping digital marketing.

Mira’s presence as Mitsubishi’s mascot is the work of SHINTA VR. As an immersive technology company, SHINTA VR provides three business units with different impacts. Virtual Character System (VCS) is one of SHINTA VR business units that produce Mira’s character as a company avatar owned by Mitsubishi Motors. As the name implies, VCS focuses on creating digital art as customer needs related to virtual characters. Through the mastery of capable technology, SHINTA VR already has several popular Virtual YouTubers among video gamers.

The emergence of various virtual characters in many of our activities indirectly indicates that Metaverse is a great deal. We can say the presence of Metaverse can be implemented in the next few years. At the same time, we are confident that digital art is proven to create a unique brand. And surprisingly, SHINTA VR has predicted this possibility since the early year. Now SHINTA VR has a very competent development team to face the virtual world order, Metaverse. SHINTA VR has established this projection, proven by the world network.

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