Samsung Announces Details of Project Beyond, Live-Streaming Virtual Reality Camera

Published 27 November 2015, 11:41

After their virtual reality headset, GEAR VR was released, Samsung come back to take Technophile attention by their VR camera system. The prototype was on display last month, but not too special for visitors because most of them focused on GEAR VR. Now, the camera manufacturer has just released some details for a 360-degree camera system that called as Project Beyond. Considering most of the VR camera system consists of GoPro cameras, what’s the values in excess of the new Samsung camera? Check this out!

Stereoscopic 360-degree Video Shooter

As seen from the design, Project Beyond consists of a pair of cameras on every side. This shows that the camera system is capable to capture true 3D stereoscopic video. For your information, 3D stereoscopic video or called as S3D is a video that enhances the illusion of depth perception when viewing a video, in which the recording will be seen from two perspectives. When you use a VR headset and watch a video created with this camera, like you are there. This is the similar sensation when you are watching 3D movie in cinema, but in this case, you can look in all directions.

Self-enclosed System

Project Beyond’s concept are super compact and portable. You no longer need to configure a number of GoPro cameras and sync them in a bond. The camera system also seems to be turned on and off easily, just by push the rec / stop control button. A simple design also makes it easy to carry along with the photographers who usually would bring many equipment. Thus, the video postproduction process will become faster.


Supports Live-Streaming content

Special feature offered by Samsung through Project Beyond is its ability to record live events or performances and streaming the video to a website, so everyone can watch it. Although there are some VR cameras can do live-streaming too, but most of the videos are not good with a low resolution. Looks like Beyond Project is quite promising, because many commercial companies are interested in live-broadcasting 360 video for marketing demo.

Until now, Samsung has not announced the official price and when Project Beyond will be available on the market. Most likely, the camera system will be presented at the big technology event, 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Talking about price, we think Samsung will put the camera’s price tag is cheaper than their competitor, Google Jump, which is $ 15,000.


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