Adidas TERREX VR Experience

Published 17 November 2017, 10:27

As someone who is afraid of heights I feel nervous, even just watching videos for the experience of the newly launched TERREX adidas in China.

This puts you in the position of professional rowers Delaney Miller and Ben Rueck as they (and by extension, you) ride for one of the most difficult climbs of the Bavella Mountains in Corsica, known as the 'Delicatessen' (8b / b +).

This is the most challenging climb in Punta Du Corbi, and you are only a few minutes from the summit which is 1,040 meters above sea level.

"We are sponsoring some of the best climbers in the world, the biggest peak scale around," said Director of Global Brand Marketing for Adidas TERREX Stuart Wells. "While climbing preparing for Olympic and bouldering status exploded in popularity, one barrier for many people is understanding how it feels to climb outdoors."

The experience was made in partnership with VR agent Somewhere Else, a BYO interactive manufacturer and 3Dar animation studio using 16 GoPros as well as a team of photographers and software technicians. The project team also partnered with Google to replace an 8k stereoscopic rig called Google Jump to film expansive landscapes in detailed 360 degrees.

"Through experience, people feel the scale of the route, learn about climbing techniques in a very interesting way and, finally, actually 'climb' the last part of the route," Wells said.

The company initially launched an outside retail store installation zone in China as part of a retail roadshow that will visit ten of the country's main cities and give users the opportunity to immerse themselves in the interactive 360 ​​landscape of the Bavella Mountains. They can learn about the best outdoor climbing practices against realistic landscape backgrounds, and push themselves by climbing to the top of the top of the Delicatessen. This will be exhibited at the Mount Kendal Festival on November 16-19, with more experience in Western Europe soon to be announced.

"We are constantly testing the limits of how we can use new technology to convey the exploits of our athletes," Wells said. "With immersive technology like VR, we can mimic outdoor sports experiences that other customers might not consider."

In a move to broaden the audience for VR experience, a second 'lite' version has also been created that will soon be launched on the Google Expeditions platform so people can jump into climbing and learn more on their smartphones.

"A truly exciting experience, meaning being able to climb outside the gym without having to spend years training to take such a route in reality," Wells said.

Experiences like this help show off the greatest advantages of VR technology, namely how to take it to places you don't normally want - or you can't live. Most importantly, it allows you to do things that you never dreamed of in real life, and feel the true pleasure and achievement of that experience.

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