VR explosion in China

Published 17 November 2017, 06:51

If there is any doubt that the VR explosion in China is very hype, then it might start to fade now. It has become common knowledge for a while now that the Oriental Times Media Corporation has worked tirelessly on a large VR amusement park for Chinese visitors. Well thanks to some new footage and images, we can finally see clearly the complex still-in-progress and the word "massive" makes it very light.

With a range of more than 320 hectares and spending around $ 1.3 to $ 1.5 billion, East Valley of Science and Fantasy will feature several attractions, each utilizing VR to help users transport into the future, travel through space, fulfilling extraterrestrial life, rising on the dragon's back. and much more. Users will immediately wear their VR equipment as soon as they enter the park, including various interesting peripherals related to specific experiences. Along with this attraction, this facility will also accommodate VR restaurants, cinemas, recreation areas, children's areas and the first VR VR rollers in China.

Even more interesting is the section of the park dedicated specifically to VR film production and media research and development. It looks as if the park, while labeled as a VR playground, will actually do far more than they see. It is exciting to see well-funded mixed development and entertainment facilities in a unique way. It's very possible that East Valley of Science and Fantasy can become the headquarters for all things VR not only in China, but throughout the eastern hemisphere.

This ambitious facility will facilitate the opening process which starts with a soft launch this December. Visitors will have access to the Alien Base area which includes VR roller rollers. The rest of the park will debut in waves, slowly opening piece by piece to the public. Oh, there is also a 175-foot Transformers statue built with 750 tons of steel that shoots shadows over the complex. You know, just in case you need a little encouragement to visit when you wander through Guizhou again.

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