This is the New Way Virtual Reality Browsing by Samsung

Published 07 December 2015, 06:53

The latest Samsung application lets you surfing the Internet with virtual reality technology. You can visit the website with an application that called Samsung Internet for Gear VR in a web browser directly. The Web browser will make access to different tabs in the browser easier. Samsung claims that Samsung Internet for Gear VR is the first browser application that is designed specifically for the consumer VR device.

“Allows users to intuitively browse the web and enjoy content in a more immersive atmosphere… both 360-degree and 3D video streaming, as well as any HTLML5 video from the web,” said Samsung in their press release. Accordingly, you can watch not only regular videos, but also explore more VR and 360 video on YouTube without downloading it first. You can also import the browser bookmarks from your smartphone.

Samsung Internet for Gear VR also supports voice recognition and on-screen keyboard. That’s like the features that can be found on other Gear VR applications. There is also gaze mode that allows you to choose things only by staring at, you don’t need to use the trackpad on the gear side anymore.

One thing that become the problem, typing in virtual reality is a bit difficult. When typing on the mini virtual keyboard, you need to focus and jerking your head slightly to appoint the specific letters. It should be recognized, to port the browser to the virtual environment is quite complicated. However, Samsung innovation need to be respected, the first step for the advancement of virtual reality technology in the future.


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