SHINTA VR and Orbit Ventura Showcased Telkomsel History and Product Knowledge

Published 30 November 2017, 08:06

On a press conference held by Telkomsel in Jakarta, Tuesday, 28 November, SHINTA VR and Orbit Ventura showcased its product "Telkomsel History” and “Telkomsel Product Knowledge”, in the Google Daydream App. The press conference, dubbed “Telkomsel Strengthening 4G LTE Using TDD (Time Division Duplex) 2.3 GHz”, was held to launched the company’s commercial program in enhancing its quality and access for the customers’ satisfaction.

At the event, SHINTA VR and Orbit Ventura itself showed how user experience can be magnified with better access through virtual reality with its various service and program. The audience, especially some of journalists, witnessed and experienced how two of SHINTA VR’s product, "Telkomsel History” and “Telkomsel Product Knowledge” being displayed in a new perspective.  

SHINTA VR and Orbit Ventura have created the Telkomsel History which exhibit the history of Telkomsel from its beginning until recent times. It showed a video compilation of Telkomsel journey for 21 years with various conducted events and executives who served in a certain period of time. Consequently, SHINTA VRand Orbit Ventura also exhibit Telkomsel Product Knowledge, another product in its Google Daydream App that showcased all Telkomsel's products.

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