HTC Vive Accelerator Invests in 26 Startups

Published 30 November 2017, 05:25

26 new start ups receive support and resources because the global VR / AR Vive accelerator extends to Tel Aviv.

When becoming a fresh-faced startup company in the VR & AR field, there is little more opportunity than joining the global VR / AR Vive X accelerator line. The $ 100 million program has fostered several very important projects since the beginning of its development in 2016 thanks to a special mission to help beginners through guidance, networking, professional education and investment.

Now when the accelerator expands to the fifth location in Tel Aviv, 26 new startups have been accepted to join other companies that have 80 companies that are already under the umbrella of Vive X, in the selection of these third selection participants.

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