Flickr VR App For Gear VR will make you Jump Into Thousands of 360 Photos

Published 15 December 2015, 08:01

Flickr VR app is designed specifically for Gear VR, lets you browse various top-rated 360 photos. The photo and video hosting website owned by Yahoo is collecting more than 60,000 photographs of panorama in the world. Now, a little part of it can be seen through Flickr VR app for Samsung’s virtual reality headset, the userbase platform like Instagram.

Flickr VR presents 360 photos in an infinite carousel of the best 360 photos, from a simple one to extremely high quality shots. You can look in all directions that can play with your imagination, make you feel like you are in the scene. Although not entirely virtual reality content, but the immersive experience is claimed by Flickr will make you view Flickr 360-degree photos for the first time not want to take the Samsung Gear VR off.

“Flickr is the best platform for 360° photos because we respect the image quality of uploaded photos, and we want it to be one of the best ways to access engaging virtual reality experiences.” Flickr engineer and project lead, Bertrand Fan said in a blog post.

You can also see the photos through the website and use the computer cursor to see all direction of the photo. Of course, the experience is not comparable with the immersive experience that will transport you to another world while using the headset Gear VR.

So far there has been no other confirmed features related to these services, but Flickr promises that other virtual reality features will be implemented on their site. The features might be the gesture-based user interface that you can browse and organize your photos using hand gestures and other virtual reality interaction. It was mentioned by Flickr early this year.

Following release of Samsung Gear VR to the market, a variety of new applications come out at Gear VR store recently. Nevertheless, Flickr VR is the first to source the images directly from the userbase interface. 360 Contents are now available on Flickr portal or download the application for smartphones and Gear VR in Oculus Store.

Today, Samsung Gear is on sale in Australia. This application became one of Samsung Gear VR’s first steps to be an actual platform as a medium of virtual reality existence.


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