9 AR Application Recommendations for ARKit

Published 12 December 2017, 05:16

Giphy has been integrated into iMessage with its own keyboard application, and partnerships with Facebook and Twitter have helped spread the GIF database across the internet. The Giphy World application takes one step further to bring GIFs to your environment and let you record videos. You can also share the entire scene with friends who also have the application, which can then interact with your GIF in a place that is easily recognizable.

It makes sense if the AI ​​snarky weatherbot will make a leap to AR, where his personality can really shine. Don't poke the ocular sensor, or it will stick to you. Update to Version 4.1.2 to get AR Mode, or buy it on the App Store for $ 3.99.

Strava, a social fitness tracking application that has more than 20,000 applications using its API, has added augmented reality to the mix. The latest application to use the API, Fitness AR, works by letting athletes visualize their routes on 3D terrain maps, which are supported by Mapbox. The screen recording feature allows users to scroll and enlarge their routes to make videos, which can be saved to the camera roll and shared. Now available on the App Store for $ 2.99.

Ikea, which has a track record of staying on top of trends with smart lighting and an oddly attractive ASMR promotional video, now has a new application to help you visualize the furniture in your home. More than 2,000 Ikea products are currently available in this application, so you can let Brother Milik in you grow and play interior decorators.

Want to go further than Ikea Place? Housecraft is a furniture arrangement application from Sirvo, the back studio of the perfect three-puzzle puzzle game. Instead of limiting objects to Ikea furniture, there is a catalog of items that can be adjusted to the dimensions of your room, so this is more of a planning application.

One of the most impressive and useful tools on this platform, MeasureKit can measure almost anything just by using an iPhone or iPad camera. You can easily measure angles, check if something is perfect, or measure the dimensions of your room without crawling on the ground. A free ruler, but all the other tools are available for a one-time purchase of $ 2.99.

If you want to go beyond MeasureKit, TapMeasure is an application from Occipital, a company that spends years working with an increasing reality. One thing that distinguishes TapMeasure from the measurement application that will definitely flood the App Store in the coming days is that it can also create floor plans and even 3D space models, which can be exported as CAD files or used in SketchUp. This is available starting today, and is free to download. Occipital will charge for several features, such as exported CAD files.

The iPhone strategy game described as "Monument Valley meets Hitman Go" adds an AR update so you can play games in the living room or wide open space. An architectural puzzle game about changing perspectives seems very suitable for ARKit. It costs $ 3.99 to download.

This adorable puzzle platformer lets you rip the alien world by swiping your finger to produce Fez-like characters at home. The latest update of this game includes an exclusive new level that can be measured again in the "IRL" box.

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