INVRA participated at celebrating Bekraf Festival 2017 in Bandung

Published 13 December 2017, 03:42

Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) showcased the largest exhibition of its flagship programs  from 7-10 December in The Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) showcased the largest exhibition of its flagship programs for four days from 7th to 10th December in Bandung Creative Hub and PT KAI Cikudapateuh (warehouse supplies). There were 39 excellent programs from 16 sub-sectors which are the responsibility of Bekraf, application and game developer, such as architecture, interior design, visual communication design, product design, fashion, animation and video film, photography, craft, culinary, music, publishing, performing arts, fine arts, television and radio. The performances are represented in various booths of each deputy in Bekraf.


Indonesian VR / AR Association (INVRA) which represented by SHINTA VR, VARCODE, and Telkom University presented content of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and workshop to make AR for the visitors. SHINTA VR booth became one of the most interesting areas by bringing the first multiplayer game that called Mindvoke. By using HTC Vive devices, users can fully enter the virtual reality realm in the game. The player can feel the sensation of how to defeat a huge monster with three weapons such as gun, sword and bow. And VARCODE also brought AR fitting room by using kinnect.

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