AVREGO's successful prototype product

Published 21 December 2017, 08:06

Along with the rapid development of Virtual Reality technology, as if making AVREGO AV staff go without opponents in the local area. 

"First, we design the simulator. We determine the desired slope needed by the simulator and also the load that can be borne by the simulator. For example, we set a maximum of 100kg, we can guarantee that there will be no problem as long as the load does not exceed after that we design the mechanical, the dimensions, then the factory.After everything is finished, we design from the electrical side, such as cables and controls so that it can be connected to the computer.After everything is done, we go into programming. their mechanical simulator.

However, the problem of VR experimentation is inseparable from deficiencies, one of which is motion sickness, or what is commonly felt by players and makes VR users dizzy while using it.

AVREGO also handles it with Flex Simulator. With this tool, issues or problems faced by players such as motion sickness, can be reduced and addressed.

The total production costs incurred by AVREGO in making their prototypes and simulators reached 200 million rupiah. And, thanks to its innovation, AVREGO has new opportunities to work with other VR developers in Indonesia.

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