Jakarta XR Meetup 13.0

Published 22 December 2017, 09:11

The atmosphere presented at Jakarta XR Meetup 13.0 not only a regular Omni Vr but interestingly, in this event theme discussed titled is about the VR / AR industry going in 2017 and what will grow in the year 2018. The thirteenth episode of the Jakarta XR Meetup held on 19th December 2017 yesterday lasted for two hours at Kibar Tower, Cikini Central Jakarta.

'The development of VR and AR technology is predicted to be increasing in the year 2018 'said Nico Alyus as a moderator in the panel discussion. In addition, Nico also explained is expected to many innovations are popping (VR Headset and Content Creator) and gaming also entertainment those are still leading today.

The event also featured other speakers including Sukmadi Rafiuddin from Digital Happines, who has released a VR technology horror game titled 'DreadEye'. This game invites players into a shaman who will perform a number of odd rituals, to open the dimensional gates and communicate with the spirits. There also Henry Wiranata who is a representative of Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC). DNC has set up funds early in 2017 for startup companies, especially in the gaming industry in Southeast Asia. Interested startup companies can prepare a portfolio to be presented to DNC in the next XR Meetup.

Dimas Setyo as a pre-sales manager from ACER also participated as a resource person explaining the development of VR and AR devices from time to time. Some of the attendees were able to test a new Mixed Reality VR device from ACER. ACER windows Mixed Reality are not just a game play equipment, many sectors that will be able to take advantage of VR and AR support on this device, ranging from health, education, and even industry.

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