Oculus Founder Proves Rift “Works fine” on a Room Scale VR

Published 18 December 2015, 08:11

One of the HTC Vive's selling point is a form of “room-scale” VR that lets users walk around their virtual environment. Oculus also demonstrated the ability of this scale room with Oculus Touch controllers at E3 2015. This time, the founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey proves by himself how Oculus’s sensors work on the room scale VR setup. Having tried over the weekend, Luckey confidently said "it works fine".

Room scale VR lets you to be in a large room that is tracked to virtual reality experiences. You will not be limited by a chair or a small area to stand, but the VR headset will track your movements across the room. Oculus previously chose to focus on the Rift headset and its Touch controllers with a smaller range of movements.

“[Not aiming for room-scale experiences is] not necessarily a technological limitation, I mean all these optical systems have similar limitations in terms of occlusion and in many cases range. It all comes down to what developers are going to make, and we’re not trying to push people to make large room-scale experiences.” Luckey said to RoadtoVR at E3 2015.

However, this statement from Palmer Luckey is likely to change everything. Via a tweet on his personal account, Luckey posted a photo that show Oculus sensors on opposite sides, placed in the corner of a 15x11 room. He added that the 15 × 11 setup is limited by space, not the sensors of Oculus itself.

Luckey has proved that Oculus Rift can support room-scale VR, not “will”. Sensors is not a problem for Oculus and Touch controllers to be used on a room scale configuration, like a Lighthouse. However, to use the Oculus, you still need a set of PC and need to be plugged into a power outlet.

Luckey added, this is not the first time he tried room scale configuration, after a Reddit user commented. "We tried it years ago," he replied. Despite this first test or not, there will be fierce competition between the Rift and Vive, which both will be released in the first quarter next year.

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