The Future of Augmented Reality

Published 09 January 2018, 11:56

Augmented Reality (AR), for the most part, tends to be limited to one sense of vision. This acts as an overlay in the real world, changing its appearance, but not what it feels like. That might change thanks to the partnership between Ultrahaptics, ZeroLight and Meta.

The three companies have worked together to create technology that includes three of the five senses to create an AR form that is more involved and more immersive. Proof-of-concept technology will be shown to visitors at CES 2018.


The experience of AR at CES 2018 allows visitors to use the Meta 2 AR development kit and explore the virtual recreation of Pagani Huaya roadster hypercar. Cars are arranged in real-world environments, but AR experience users can configure cars, observe them to see their components up close, and even feel the powerful vibrations of their V12 AMG engine using haptic feedback.


"Touch is intrinsic to our understanding of the world and how we interact with it. It must not be lost when we interact with digital media and virtual objects," said Anders Hakfelt, vice president, product and marketing, Ultrahaptics. Ultrahaptics uses ultrasound to create tactile feedback in the hand, allowing you to explore and manipulate virtual objects and react to tactile cues without inhibiting natural movements. By stimulating contact with digital models, we can strengthen the overall impact and response of each digital interaction. "


"The vision behind Meta is to bring machines that function as body extensions, allowing us to intuitively create, communicate and collaborate in a natural way," said David Oh, head of developer relations for Meta. "We are working with our partners to use the Meta 2 Development Kit to convey such experiences through today's enhanced reality, while determining what the future of computing will be like in the coming years."


"Brands continue to rediscover the way they engage customers through digital experience. ZeroLight's high fidelity visualization software utilizes the full potential of the latest hardware, bringing products to life in stunning detail through cohesive personal experiences. Such qualities enable the perception and understanding that it's clear about virtual vehicles, which allows more precise decision making, "said Joseph Artgole, associate marketing director, ZeroLight.

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