"Learning Gear" to deliver content to multiple Gear VR units

Published 28 December 2015, 10:47

On January 24th, The KENZ (bellezza) and Global Market announced that it had started selling viewing system of "Learning Gear" VR content. By connecting a separate wireless LAN network to the PC and the terminal, users can operate the VR goggles, with simultaneous video playback. The initial set price costs 1.5 million yen (up to five terminals, ¥ 200,000 per terminal for more than 6 terminals). Monthly fee system support costs ¥ 10,000 per terminal.

VR goggles have also been utilized in such as PR events and real estate of the company introduction in Japan. However, there are difficulties such as unfamiliarity with the operations of equipment, and not being able to confirm if users are given the correct view from the outside.

To solve such problems, multiple users simply wear a VR goggles have developed this system to be simultaneously viewed. Target customers are PR firms, school or companies for employee training. It is expected to sell 50 systems in the first year.

The KENZ Executive Vice President is responsible for business planning and development, in, Mr. Takahashi (or Mr. Ouka Ichimon) from NPO corporation Ocufest is responsible for development, Global Market is responsible for sales, and Shinta VR Japan is responsible for system support.

Compatible devices are, Gear VR (Galaxy S6 / S6 edge), Google Cardboad type of smartphone for HMD (development in progress for iOS 8 or later .Android 5 or later). Wireless LAN router is required to support the 5GHz band, the recommendations of simultaneous connections number is up to about 10 units. If you use "WAB-I1750-PS" of Elecom, simultaneous connections of up to 50 units is ensured.


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