5 coolest uses of AR in Asia

Published 14 February 2019, 15:28

Asia does have a few AR case studies. Here are 5 AR case studies below from Indonesia, China, Singapore and Taiwan that are really worth sharing.

1. Indonesia - Toyota Yaris
Toyota print advertisement in Kompas with AR. It's a smart way to maximize ad space, right? AR & Co, the company that developed the campaign is the first and foremost in Indonesia with a strong partnership with Total Immersion.

2. Kompas Indonesia Newspaper - Kompas
Now, not only advertisements but the entire Kompas AR newspaper. Kompas claimed that the project was the first of its kind in Asia.

3. China - Pringles
Axis3D developed an online soccer game for Pringles in China with the help of Total Immersion. This AR experience provides a unique human interface to control soccer players using Pringles packaging. The smooth experience shown in the video is quite amazing.

4. Singapore - SingTel
XXX studio was assigned to make an AR 5-minute presentation for Bill Chang, EVP from the SingTel Business Group, to visually describe the complex process of business cloud computing in an easy-to-understand way. So this is the last task, an impressive AR presentation.

5. Taiwan - Citizen Watches
Total Immersion's Partner in Taiwan, Ya de Li Technology developed the AR Fitting Room for Citizen Watches. The AR experience was deployed online and in large department stores during the Chinese New Year.

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