Which Fields Can Be Benefited from VR Technology?

Published 08 March 2018, 09:33

Apart from gaming and movies, which other fields can be benefited from VR technology?

Apart from gaming and movies, AR, VR and MR can be used in many cases.

Take for example, training. Companies in various sectors like insurance, manufacturing, law enforcement, etc. are using VR to train their employees on how to handle various scenarios. Samsung is using VR for their production line training because it not only saves on cost but it is also more efficient. Under the new VR training program, an employee uses a headset and holds a specially designed tool for work through the manufacturing processes. It allows the trainees to physically get used to the most important steps of the manufacturing process.

Another case is retail. Major retailers are using AR to engage the audience when it comes to buying a product. An example of this is IKEA using AR in their catalogs to sell their furniture. Users place the catalogs in a desired appendix of digital versions of the selected furniture.

Then there is healthcare. Not only as a tool to train students, but VR could also change your doctoral interacts with you. With the help of VR, he / she can show you how a disease / fracture is impacting your body. London-based tech company Touch Surgery offers an opportunity to train for various surgical treatments using augmented reality. AR wearable devices enable them to learn about operations in a deeply immersive training environment.

They are also used in the area of ​​relaxation and meditation. Imagine removing the hassle of packing and driving / flying to your favorite relaxation / meditation spot. VR can not only save you the money, but also get the desired result.
Another example is tourism. Visit a country in VR through 360 ° videos of the touristic hotspots and then book a trip to see them in-person. The tourism industry is also using AR technology to enhance sightseeing experience for tourists. Through a mobile app, tourists can get relevant information.

They are also used in real estate. See your next home / business and the surrounding area in VR before you decide to buy. It saves time and money. Architects and designers are also using AR / MR to display interactive 3D structures for clients.

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