Shinta VR Took Part in VR Industry Development in Indonesia

Published 13 March 2018, 10:33

Since its inception in 2015, the developer of Virtual Reality in Indonesia has been growing slowly but surely. Virtual Reality in Indonesia itself is a new technology industry that is growing rapidly with the potential to bring various industries one level upwards. But how far is Indonesia's journey in developing its own VR technology?


"The Virtual Reality industry in Indonesia is not far behind what is in Japan, Korea and even America, because in this industry they are just building a blend of VR with business properties and other fusion like VR with health services, games, video entertainment and so on. "


Shinta VR is one of the few Virtual Reality developers in Indonesia that focuses on enabling all forms of VR usage in Indonesia. Andes Rizky, Co-Founder of Shinta VR, believes that they can compete in the VR industry even though the Indonesian state is categorized as lagging behind in research for its own VR development.


Shinta VR with several VR & AR associations in Indonesia has worked with the government to help VR communities and industries grow with proper and proper understanding and training.


"Yesterday, we had a memorandum of understanding between the Indonesia VR & AR Association with BEKRAF. One of the points on the note is education, which is education about VR / AR in universities that have potential resources to create it."


Virtual Reality development has been acknowledged to be moving very slowly, but a research conducted by American company  called Gartner estimates that VR has reached the stage of enlightenment and will start its rapid growth in the next 5 years.

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