Indie Clothing Expo Surabaya supported by Shinta VR

Published 28 March 2018, 08:48

2018 became the 10th year for the Indie Clothing Expo (ICE). Started in 2009, the Indie Clothing Expo has become a forum for Indonesian creative industry players such as clothing, accessories, and urban lifestyle in Indonesia.

This year, ICE again collaborated with KICK (Kreative Independent Clothing Community) and was supported by simPATI. The 10th Indie Clothing Expo is held at Grand City Surabaya on March 16-18 2018, starting at 11.00-22.00 WIB. This time ICE 2018 took the ICEventure theme which was embodied in creative content and various creative activities from creative industry players in Indonesia. More than 100 clothing brands from Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang and Denpasar are also present at ICE 2018. In addition to clothing and apparel, ICE also presents several other fashion items such as bags, hats, belts and other fashion items.

The excitement of ICE 2018 is getting lively because of the presence of Virtual Reality experiences supported by SHINTA VR, VR & AR development company in Indonesia and also the presence of several mainstream musicians to sidestream who entertain on the music stage. Starting from Layung Temaram, Indonesian Rice, Devadata, Billfold, Fourtwnty, Danilla, Elephant Kind, to Weird Genius, Shaggy Dog, Pusakata, and HiVi were also present at the ICE 2018 music stage.

Anyway, it's fun just like this ICE 2018 event! After holding the event in Surabaya, ICE will be held in Jakarta on April 25-29, 2018, precisely at Gambir Expo Kemayoran. For those in Jakarta, get ready to come to this event!

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