SHINTA VR participates in Telkom Craft Indonesia 2018

Published 28 March 2018, 09:52

PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk officially opened the 2018 Telkom Craft Indonesia exhibition by presenting 400 UMKM players assisted by Telkom throughout Indonesia.

Telkom Craft Indonesia is an annual exhibition of typical archipelago products that is displayed openly at the Jakarta Convention Center on Thursday (3/22/2018).

"This 2018 Telkom Craft Indonesia is the second after we started it in 2017, this event was held as an offline event from UMKM creative homes," said the Managing Director of PT. Telkom Indonesia Tbk, Alex J. Sinaga.

The exhibition was also attended and officially opened by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Rini M. Soemarno.

The exhibition which is part of the BUMN program raises the uniqueness of the archipelago such as fashion, craft and food that is of high quality and competitive globally.

Alex also said that all MSMEs present at the exhibition already have online stores on the site.

"If you are interested, you don't need to wait for next year, but you can also buy it through the site on," Alex said.

Telkom Craft Indonesia wants to prioritize the capabilities of SMEs in BUMN partners in Indonesia by exhibiting the best work. So, PT. PINS Indonesia and SHINTA VR work together to showcase and provide an opportunity for visitors to experience immersive SteamVR games through VR.

Through the use of digital technology, SMEs are expected to be increasingly creative, innovative, competitive, and make Indonesia the largest digital economic power in Southeast Asia.

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