Ready Player One: Spoiler-free Review!

Published 28 March 2018, 17:02

The Shinta VR team watched Ready Player One today, here is our spoiler-free review from our COO Andes Rizky: 

Opening Scene : It brought me to remember when I started to dive in VR devices, sensors, and any stuffs related.
Watching the opening scene make me speechless, its the ocean for VR technology.

Anybody talked to me that I was crazy left my good job to fully build the VR start up from scratch with extraordinary team, should watch this movie.

Cinematography : Damn!! its f****in good cinematography technique!
Story :It build up in beautifully systematic ways! Put the punchline in the right place, put the drama in the great way. OMG it's a perfect storyline!!!!

Recommended to:
Whoever wants to know what VR can do, and whoever wants to enjoy the great movie, I highly recommend this!

Our Rating: 9.5/10

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