Ready Player One Spoiler Free Book Review

Published 28 March 2018, 17:39

For those who are also interested in reading the book before watching the movie, here is a spoiler-free review of the novel by Ernest Cline.


Ernest Cline manages to bring us outside the limits of our imagination with his vivid descriptions of the virtual world, and through the adventures of Wade, the main character, journey to and from the past, present and future all at the same time. 


If you are born in the 1980s, then you would enjoy all the pop cultural references of the era, along with many nostalgic games if you are a gamer. 


Even if you are not a gamer, nevertheless you will enjoy the plot of the story that keeps you on the edge after each chapter, with many unexpected plot twists throughout the book. 


More importantly, with the virtual reality boom happening around us in recent years, if you have not had a virtual reality experience yet, this book would make you pick up a virtual reality headset right after reading the first few chapters. 


Rating: 9.5/10

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