Codename: MINDVOKE Competition

Published 17 April 2018, 03:00

Shinta VR announced Codename: Mindvoke, a new VR multiplayer game that will be the first VR eSports tournament in Indonesia.
When we talk about the game industry trend nowadays, two things are on the rise in all around the world. First is the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) that will go mainstream in 2018 and beyond. Second is the eSports tournament that now is also considered to be part of Olympic Games.


The rise of VR and eSports makes one of Indonesia’s top VR developers, Shinta VR, try to combine them with a new game called Codename: Mindvoke. And recently, they also announced Codename: Mindvoke Competition, the first VR eSports tournament in Indonesia.


“Codename: Mindvoke Competition is a place where we want to develop, to increase the gamer’s interest to VR eSports,” said Akira Sou, Shinta VR co-founder according to the press release. “It’s not impossible for VR game to be the new gaming trend in Indonesia or all around the world. So, we’re delighted to be the developer who can deliver the first VR multiplayer game in Indonesia,” he continues.


“We have a commitment to innovate, so Codename: Mindvoke can be the first Indonesian VR game that can go international,” Andes Rizky, the Shinta VR’s co-founder added.


What is Codename: Mindvoke?
As mentioned above, Codename: Mindvoke is a VR multiplayer game that will put players in a surreal world. Players will be divided into two teams, and the main goal is to defeat the opponent team. Like an FPS game, every player will get 3 main weapons that can be used in the battle.


To use the weapon, players should do like they use it in the real world. For example, if you get a bow and an arrow, you should pull your hand and release it like you use the real one. There are also some signature moves that can help you in the battle, such as teleport and fly to the air.


The first Codename: Mindvoke competition itself was already started in Jakarta on April 6, 2018. In a long-term, Shinta VR wants to bring this excitement to the other cities across Indonesia. It also has a plan to collaborate with other events, like BEKRAF Game Prime 2018 this July and Habibie Festival in November 2018. Plus, it will collaborate with Ultimohombre to bring this first England eSports league to Indonesia.


The first semifinal match of Codename: Mindvoke competition will be held on April 21, and then continue with the final match on Saturday, April 28, at What’s Up Cafe, Jakarta. You can visit the official website to know more information about Codename: Mindvoke and the competition.

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