Shinta VR Participation in C3 AFA Jakarta 2018

Published 23 August 2018, 04:39

One of the biggest Japanese pop culture events in Indonesia, C3 AFA Jakarta (C3AFAJKT), returns in its seventh year on 31 August to 2 September 2018. 

This annual event has received a lot of attention throughout the 6 years of its implementation by entertaining more than 50,000 visitors. More than 150 exhibitors showcased their products and services, 8 artists from Japan also amazed visitors at the I Love Anisong concert. Day stage from C3AFA Jakarta was also visited by 9 guest stars from Japan from voice actors to singers, while the mini stage was filled by 16 guest stars. This year is expected to be visited by more than 60,000 Japanese pop culture lovers. 

Fans may be happy to know that this year, C3AFAJKT 2018 will move to a new, larger venue at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE). the event hall will be bigger than the previous year. "We believe this new venue is the right step considering we received a lot of input from visitors to move this event to ICE. We hope this new venue will be able to accommodate new and interesting content that we will bring this year. "Said Shawn Chin, the Festival Director. 

C3AFAJKT 2018 will be held in collaboration with the first Indonesian Game Start. Starting in 2014, GameStart is a major gaming convention in Southeast Asia. This event was previously held in Singapore and this event attracted more than 70,000 enthusiastic gamers over the past 4 years. This will be the first time GameStart has entered Indonesia. 

The focus of E-Sport on this event includes the SEA Mobile Major and Shadowverse SEAO Open. SEA SUMMIT, a gaming conference for industrial partners will also be held. Gamers and fans can also wait for the presence of international producers and guest stars at GameStart Indonesia. 

There, Shinta VR participated and came as one of Indonesia's local game developers entitled 'Codename: MINDVOKE'. Codename: MINDVOKE is an online e-sport VR multiplayer game. Two teams fought to dominate with various weapons. In a limited time, both teams tried to score the most killings on the opposing team while guarding themselves not to hurt themselves. When time runs out, which team will kill the most will win. In the game, you will feel the sensation of a real fight that will make you sweat! 

Shinta VR successfully developed VR game content through a series of in-depth research related to the development of games with VR consoles. Shinta VR CEO, Akira Sou claimed the talent of Shinta VR developers in the field of Virtual Reality had a level that needed to be taken into account. After more than a year of research, Shinta VR introduced the first VR multiplayer game in Indonesia named Codename: Mindvoke. Games that have this type of FPS (First Player Shooter) game are online multiplayer games designed for users to battle with surreal world sensations. 

Shinta VR was built in 2015 but there are already more than 50 projects and events from big clients such as Telkomsel, Pertamina, Samsung to the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia that this company has worked on. Some foreign companies are also ready to collaborate with Shinta VR to make this game as one of the multiplayer VR games recognized on the international stage. 

C3AFAJKT 2018 will continue to bring content directly from Japan for its I Love Anisong concert, which will invite the biggest Japanese artist to Jakarta. The day stage will also feature animated films and invite many international guests such as voice actors, celebrity cosplayers and others. Akiba Mini Stage will also be visited by various international guests in the exhibition hall. 

Fans can also buy their favorite anime items in exhibition halls in Akiba Town and Creators Hub. Akiba Town will be filled by regional exhibitors who sell anime trinkets and showcase products and services related to anime. Creators Hub will be filled by independent creator works and will be filled by 50-70 creative traders. 

For further information and ticketing, you can visit the official website of C3AFAJKT 2018 at and  

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