Jakarta Shimbun Interview: VR/AR Market and the first Virtual Youtuber in Indonesia

Published 16 October 2018, 13:21

Shinta VR director Akira Sou was recently interviewed by Jakarta Shimbun about the VR/AR Market and the Vtuber market in Indonesia. 

Until now, Shinta VR has been working on about 60 projects with more than 40 companies including HIS, P&G, Telekomsel, etc., as promotional contents for enterprises.

in August, the company launched Maya Putri, Indonesia’s first Virtual YouTuber (V Tuber). It became popular in Japan and Indonesia, and the number of subscribers to the channel rose to about 39,800 (as of October 3).

According to Mr Sou, there are about 6,000 VTubers currently in Japan, and companies and local governments use it for public relations and marketing activities. It is expected to increase in Indonesia from now on, and the company will produce and operate for companies and organizations that wish to use it.

The company also plans to introduce an arcade game utilizing VR technology at shopping malls in Jakarta by the beginning of next year.

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