Millealab and SEAMOLEC conducts online course for making VR to 60 schools across Southeast Asia

Published 21 January 2019, 13:16

Few months ago, Millealab and SEAMOLEC conducted an online course for making Virtual Reality to 60 schools across SEA.

Students who build a team learning about how to make a good UX and UI using Millealab.

After that, we taught them how to build and code real Virtual Reality content.

The amazing result from them. High schools and vocational (SMK) students from Indonesia and other SEA region making great progress to learn how VR system works and how to make it.

Yes, we together want to build Virtual Reality ecosystem resources in Indonesia and SEA.

See! This is some examples of vocational and hi-school progress making VR contents! AMAZING!

List :

1 and 8. "SMK Kristen Immanuel Pontianak
Indonesia" - VR Astronomy

2. "SMK Negeri 7 Jakarta
Indonesia" - STRANDED

3. "Eastern Technological College (E.TECH)
Thailand" - SOL VR

4. "Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha
Indonesia" - Animal of Nusantara

5. "SMK Nurul Jadid Probolinggo
Indonesia" - Beach Sweep VR

6. "SMK Negeri 7 Jakarta
Indonesia" - Dino Zoo VR

7. "SMK Negeri 2 Palembang
Indonesia" - Construction Education VR

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