Esports continues to expand into VR

Published 24 January 2019, 09:42

Professional games, or esports, are rapidly evolving from a competitive place into an attentive industry that has attracted the attention of both viewers and companies. Now, with immersive technology that is growing rapidly, the esports community is starting to embrace VR technology as a viable competitive platform.

"For the first time in generations, we witnessed the birth of a new big sport, and it happened at an unprecedented pace," said ESPN The Magazine, Senior Editor, Megan Greenwall.

This trend is largely driven by hardware manufacturers, who recognize that without the "sticky" content that makes viewers come back for longer sessions, they might not reach critical mass consumer adoption anytime in the near future.

"VR esports is the latest anger, especially for location-based entertainment," said Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix. "Omni's motion platform adds physical involvement to walk and run to the gaming experience and physical elements combined with multi-player gameplay and the results of the competition produce high repetitive play. We are not a VR tourism object that was tried by players just once. Our core players return every week. "

Virtuix is ​​a new Texas-based company founded in 2013 that is famous for developing Omni VR treadmills. They raised more than $ 20 million and have sent more than 3,000 Omni systems to 500+ commercial entertainment venues worldwide. Recently, HTC and HP announced a partnership with the company, putting a collection of $ 50,000 Prizes for ESPORTS tournaments in 2019.

Esports is a competitive cloud-based game platform that offers weekly and monthly prize contests where players at participating venues in 45 countries compete to get the top spot on the global leaderboards and get cash prizes. As part of that, the Omniverse tournament is a four-day contest each month featuring a two-player team fighting in one of several matches, with the top 10 teams winning cash and prize combinations like the VIVE system. Virtuix has held several esports events so far, including tournaments at CES in Las Vegas and, together with Huawei, a tournament in Shenzhen, China, which reaches 11 million viewers.

"Esports is a competitive video game at the professional level that has a current global audience of around 380 million people. Esports viewers are 'future listeners' here and now with 80% of the demographics consisting of children aged 18-35 years, ”explained Margot James MP, Minister of Digital and Creative Industries. "During 2018 there were more than 2.6 billion hours of esports content consumed globally on many online platforms including; Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, Facebook, Twitter etc. As well as a variety of points of consumption such as direct audience, VR and traditional single-screen content. "

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