Millealab chosen as one of the prospective recipients of the Technology Business Incubator

Published 12 February 2019, 09:12

Millealab was chosen as one of the prospective recipients of the Technology Business Incubator implemented by the Ministry of Research and Technology.

Our vision is to disseminate the use of Virtual Reality technology in all schools in Indonesia in an affordable way.

Making Virtual Reality technology is no longer an expensive technology to build Indonesia's best generation in the next few years.

Generate facilities that have been a constraint because of the source of income and the remote location.

Improve the quality of teaching of all teachers

Increasing the welfare of honorary teachers

Reconnecting the "soul" of education between Teachers and Parents who have been slowly deprived of technological developments that cannot be followed in parallel for each individual.

We are very grateful to be selected to collaborate with the Ministry of Research and Technology of Higher Education to build Indonesian human resources in a better direction to compete against the wave of Industry 4.0! Hopefully we can carry out this mandate as much as possible.


Millennial Learning Actuator Laboratory - Millealab

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