Indonesian Virtual Youtuber Maya Putri Interview with TOPPA!!

Published 01 March 2019, 17:09

Indonesian Virtual Youtuber Maya Putri had an exclusive Interview with TOPPA!! Media from Japan.

The full article in Japanese can be found here.

 Here is the translated interview below:


TOPPA!!: First of all, please introduce yourself, Maya!

Mayaputuri: Hello! I am Indonesia's Virtual Youtuber, Maya Putri.
Because I love singing, I mainly post songs and post videos that I have with games and various other fun activities on Youtube. If you are interested in Indonesia, please come to watch my videos on the channel. Thank you!

TOPPA!!: Wow! Your Japanese is very good! How did you learn Japanese?

Maya Putri: I learned mainly from games. I started learning because I want to play a Japanese game. My first game was a romance game. I also introduced my games with video so you can check it if you like.

TOPPA!!:  - Great! By the way, what does yout last name "Putri" mean?

Maya Putri: Putri means daughter, princess. It is often used in girls' names in Indonesia. It is a selfish thought ... ... My daughter someday includes the meaning of a princess.

TOPPA!!:  - You got a good name from your parents. Why did you think of becoming a YouTuber, and when did you start as a virtual YouTuber?

Maya Putri: If you use YouTube, you can post songs, games and chatting in various ways! I could meet a lot of new people as well as having fun, studying, growing up and supporting, together with YouTube. I hope to spread Indonesian culture all over the world through my activities. Indonesia is a nice country!

TOPPA!!:  - Now the flow of VTuber spreads all over the world! From your activities, it is good to expand the case of Indonesia steadily! Just a bit, outside of the videos, how do you spend your time?

Maya Putri: Actually it's nothing like a video (laugh). I sing my favorite songs and play games. I also watch YouTube videos!

TOPPA!!:  - Please tell me your musical roots.

Maya Putri: I listen to all sorts of music indeed. If it was a pop song in Indonesia, it was Disney, Anison, and Vocalo, since I listened to Bocaro, I liked the song and I sang. It was a trigger!

 TOPPA!!: - Speaking of Bocaro, the other day you uploaded videos of "Love Words III" singing songs. Do you do activities that conscious of the Japanese people in the future?

Maya Putri: I want to be a bridge between Indonesia and Japan, so I plan to do a little of that. So, we are planning to collaborate with Japanese VTubers.

TOPPA!!: On the other hand, your game play videos are quick popular as well. Please tell me the most impressive game in the game we did. 

Maya Putri: Among the videos I posted, the most impressive thing is "PUBG". For the first time you did not do graphics, FPS was also the first time. It's difficult. It's an absurd game that you start over from the beginning, but it's addictive somewhere.

TOPPA!!:  - Certainly "PUBG" is a high degree of difficulty. Well, the other day was the live broadcast for the first time. And I think that this day was a birthday, please tell me more about it.

Maya Putri: I was really nervous. Can you enjoy the customer? Or what if we had a problem somewhere along the way, what shall I do ... and I was worried about anything. But viewers sent me a lot of kind messages. It helped me a lot. It was an unforgettable first live broadcast ...!

TOPPA!!:  - I'm glad you were blessed with good viewers! Continuing, what kind of anime, manga, music, game applications are popular among young people right now in Indonesia?

Maya Putri: For game application, I think it is Grand Blue fantasy. Since the application has been translated into English, I think that it is the reason why people who do not understand Japanese can feel free to play. Doraemon cartoon is Doraemon Anime ...... It is not a recent animation, but Personally, Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans is very nice.

TOPPA!!:  - Please tell us the recommended food spots for readers who want to go to Indonesia.

Maya Putri: There are Bali islands that everyone loves, Borobudur of the legendary ruins, There are also comoid icons that Maya has not done yet! Ihave not gone to Komodo Islans!And there are other still nice places.
If food is already listening to our teacher "The most delicious dish in the world", Indonesian cuisine will be ranked first and second! First place is rendang and second place is nasi goreng. There are still delicious dishes? By the way I want you to eat the Indonesian dessert "Martabak" which I lovetoo ♪

TOPPA!!:  - Nasi goreng is gradually becoming a major food in Japan! Martabak ...... This looks delicious! Someday I would like to see it! Circulation (heiakim REMIX) was done. As Maya, I think that it was the first collaboration, please tell me the impression at that time.

Maya Putri: I was very nervous, but heiakim's tuning and mixing is also very nice! As a result of various lost decisions on what to do, it became Remix of my favorite romance circulation. Collaboration is a good opportunity to send out the charm of Indonesia outside, but I am feeling very rewarding.

TOPPA!!:  - A good collaboration has come true! Together, do you have some people who respect you more than the beginning of the activity or want to collaborate?

Maya Putri: Kizunaai! Both are pretty and funny, you will be healed by watching videos, it is a very gentle person who returns the lip of Twitter! I really respect them!
Even VTuber wants to collaborate with the game players. Or maybe! ! Mr. Kikunaai, do you collaborate in any era? I really want to collaborate with many people and expand my own world. 

TOPPA!!:  - There was AFA Jakarta 2018 where Maya and Kizunaai guest appearances the other day, it is good that one day in the near future will come true! Continue, in recent years Virtual YouTuber people have also been born in Japan and in Indonesia as well, how's the growth?

Maya Putri: I think that the number has already increased so much and it is really exciting. I am really looking forward to it!

TOPPA!!:  - ,I see! It is good that a boom rises steadily with Maya as the lead! Well, half a year passes soon after Maya started the activity. And I think whether I came on the market among VTuber outside Japan. Please tell me your current feelings.

Maya Putri: I feel happy. I really appreciate those who support me. But ... ... I still grow up! That's enough!

TOPPA!!:  - We are looking forward to further activities! Also, please tell me the most memorable thing while you have been active.

Maya Putri: It's time to raise your self-introduction video. There are people who support me, I'm happy. Of course, not everything is good, there are also plenty comments so it is full of various new feelings. Worried, in addition, if it was scary, various feelings were mixed. Electric brain world is amazing.

TOPPA!!:  - the current virtual world is full of various things in various ways. Continue, please tell us your future goals!

Maya Putri: There are plans to collaborate with many artists from Japan and overseas and YouTuber this year to deliver songs to everyone. Also, it is preparing to release the original sound that was the target and also to be able to concert!

TOPPA!!:  - The range of activities grows steadily steadily! I would like to see the concert, by all means ... !. Well then, thank you for your reply this time! Finally, TOPPA !! Please message to readers.

Maya Putri: TOPPA !! Readers, Nice to meet you Hi, Maya Putri. Look at Maya's video, Thank you! I still have a long way to go, but I am very happy for your support.
If you have not seen it yet, I hope that you can come and visit Maya's YouTube channel! I am also interested in Japanese culture, from Japanese comments from those who saw me, please come and visit Indonesia! I can wait! Well, I would like to learn a lot!


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