NHK World Japan Feature: Virtual Youtubers in Indonesia

Published 06 March 2019, 17:08


The virtual youtuber boom in Southeast Asia, and in particular, Indonesia, was featured recently this month on the Global Trend segment on NHK World Japan on March 2nd 2019. 


Maya Putri was also featured on the program. In over 6 months, Maya Putri has gained over 110,000 subscribers on her youtube channel, and Shinta VR CEO Akira Sou said that their aim by the end of the year was to gain 1 million subscribers. 

CVX, co-founder of Uprising Records, who helped to make the music for Maya Putri’s videos, explained that Maya Putri represented the Indonesian culture of Indonesian Virtual youtubers, and he plans to promote traditional topics for future postings.


Johanes Marsky TItarsole, one of Maya Putri’s fans, commented that her voice and character attracted him to become one of her fans. He looks forward to her weekly video updates each week.


The full video can be viewed here.

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