Top VR Marketing 2018 No. 9 - Silicon Valley (HBO) - The Hacker Hostel

Published 21 March 2019, 10:13

Silicon Valley (HBO) - The Hacker Hostel

Silicon Valley won the Emmy® and was nominated for the Golden Globe. HBO wants to give pre-fans an experience that brings them to the heart of the show. Attention to details provides a unique experience. Not only are reconstructed environments using photos and blueprints from sets, as well as objects that you can take and place, there are many elements that can fully interact with you.
The experience consists of table football that combines AI, allowing you to compete against it, with a piano that can be played fully, which replicates the real world piano tones. You can even feel 'drunk' because of tequila and 'stone throwing' (the screen distorts to simulate the feeling of spinning the room).



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