2019 VR Marketing - Volvo Studios VR

Published 25 March 2019, 18:50


With the launch of a completely redesigned line of cars over the past 4 years, Volvo Cars has succeeded in positioning itself as one of the world's leading premium automotive manufacturers.

In honor of this new design, Volvo Cars needed a new generation presentation method to display the new design language of each car but also highlighted a series of unique characteristics for each model.

By opening a series of experienced stores in upscale commercial centers around the world, starting with Tokyo, Milan and Stockholm, Volvo Cars aims not only to bring their new cars in a completely new atmosphere, but also solve the problem of how to reach a new generation of buyers never visit a traditional car dealer.

By using OutHere's technological expertise and working with Volvo's media and marketing agencies, we design and build a range of cutting-edge virtual reality experiences that are always present in special VR areas at every Volvo Studio worldwide.

In collaboration with the architect team, OutHere designed the magic space where users entered to view, play with, and configure each model of the car on a 1: 1 scale, presented in a completely photorealistic 3D real-time environment.

In addition to freely changing interior and exterior configurations with fun and magical VR interactions, each car is equipped with a unique storyline that highlights the language and unique design features of each model.


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