Leadership Masterclass in Virtual Reality

Published 04 April 2019, 04:32

Every business wants to introduce a corporate culture of operational excellence. It's easy to implement with 100 employees, but it's almost impossible to achieve with variety of unlimited tasks in different locations.

Somehere ELse aims to solve the challenges of achieving operational excellence through executive level leadership training that is scalable.

Somewhere Else created GEMBA®, LEAN's leadership training platform in VR. This multi-user Enterprise VR platform empowers Fortune 500 companies to scale high-level collaborative leadership development programmes.

Led by award-winning expert Peter Hines, and featuring case studies from BMW, Boeing, Nike, and others, GEMBA® offers a series of dynamic interactive simulations and problem solving exercises.

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Leadership Masterclass in Virtual Reality

Published 04 April 2019, 04:32
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