7 Reasons current VR & AR technology is succeeding for consumer and enterprise

Published 11 April 2019, 04:59

Why current VR & AR technology is succeeding for consumer and enterprise

1. HMD sales: True consumer VR was off to a slow start, but year after year the market has grown and there is now an install base of over 7 million users 

2. True VR has until now been very user unfriendly: high cost, need of a tethered computer, complicated set up with external sensors, and a long time to vr from boot, especially with troubleshooting drivers and other issues. The Oculus Quest solves all this!

3. VR software sales are impressive: 60+ titles have made $1+M revenue in VR, with top games making over $10+M! & most of the top games are from small indie teams of budgets <$1M There are consumer #VR companies not just surviving but thriving!

4. VR daily usage growing. For the first year, the concurrent usage numbers was fairly flat, but since the wave 2 of VR games, concurrent usage has been growing steadily. 

5. VR and AR for enterprise: Accenture Labs & others have proven the ROI in VR AR with real results: 40% fewer mistakes than surgeons who are conventionally trained, 80% savings in training time, etc... results in $millions of validation for VR and AR today!

6. VR for enterprise:  One of the largest companies in the world is using VR for training: Walmart trains over 1M employees in VR with STRIVR Labs!

7. AR for enterprise: The US Government signed a $480M contract to use the HoloLens.

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