VR's True Innovation is Human

Published 30 April 2019, 06:47

Over the next few months, Oculus and HTC vive will be rekeasing all-in-ine, fully immersive headsets.

The question of how VR will become mainstream has been asked for a while. While VR games are becoming mainstream, the desire for people to share social time in VR is becoming important to spread the use of VR. The Oculus Quest and HTC Vive Focus Plus might be the headsets to do so. Both allow usersto roam freely without wires, so the onlky limit is your physical space.

With these new developments, there is a new dimensionof immersion given to users. People will be able to do things that they couldn’t do before, like walk around on Mars, or dive in the sea withuot any training or equipment.

While these new headsets cannot match a vr –ready PC’s performance, the VR social experience is what matters for VR to become mainstream.


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