Millealab and SEAMOLEC collaborate to advance VR in Indonesia

Published 05 May 2019, 20:52

Today, Millealab and SEAMOLEC officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding until 2021 regarding joint collaboration to advance Virtual Reality technology in Indonesia.

Prior to this, Millealab and SEAMOLEC had collaborated in:

1. South East Asia Creative Camp 2018 and 2019

A distance training program for schools in Southeast Asia until they are able to produce their own VR products.

2. In House Training for Teachers

A workshop program and face-to-face training using Millealab which helps teachers to create their Virtual Reality creations

3. Mass Online Open Course

An integrated month-long distance training program that helps teachers create Virtual Reality creations for education.

4. Preparation of the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Syllabus with INVRA (Indonesia VR / AR Association) and the Ministry of Education and Culture PSMK for the 4-year SMK program.

We are all convinced that Indonesia can improve educational competitiveness through Virtual Reality.

With this technology, there is no longer a limit that prevents teachers from uniting the cognitive-empathic-psychomotor area in their teaching material.

In addition, Virtual Reality will cut costs for the procurement of practical laboratories, which for some schools are a big burden.

This signing is an initial step for Millealab and SEAMOLEC's commitment to work hard to build a better education in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

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